2023 Onsite Wastewater Mega-Conference
Call for Abstracts

The Onsite Wastewater Mega-Conference is a national, collaborative effort between the National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (NOWRA), the National Association of Wastewater Technicians (NAWT), and the State Onsite Regulators Association (SORA). The Mega-Conference is the largest event of its kind and offers onsite/ decentralized professionals the highest quality education and training available. The 2023 Onsite Wastewater Mega-Conference is being held October 22-25, 2023 in Hampton, Virginia in conjunction with NOWRA's state affiliate, the Virginia Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (VOWRA).

Paper, Presentation, and Poster Options
Your abstract can fit into one of the categories (as shown below in "Potential Topics"). Please strongly consider writing a paper to serve as long-term documentation of the conference and progress made in the decentralized industry. However, all organizations involved wish to encourage speakers from all aspects of the industry and are offering the following three options to attract presenters:

  1. Oral research-based presentations: These may be related to new technologies, monitoring, extension education, field assessment, or any topic that are related to onsite wastewater treatment. A presentation could come with or without a paper.
  2. Oral non-research related presentations: These presentations could be about any onsite wastewater treatment- related topic including installation, maintenance, science about onsite wastewater treatment, maintenance, environmental impacts, and related topics. Presentations must be clearly non-sales oriented. A presentation could come with or without a paper.
  3. Poster presentations: These presentations could be on a research or non-research related topic about onsite wastewater treatment and recycling. The posters will be displayed during the conference in a prominent location.
    A special poster contest for Emerging Professionals will be held as part of the conference.

Paper and Presentation Review
The presentation slides and paper to be included in the Conference Proceedings must comply with formating requirements and will be reviewed by the NOWRA Education and Technical Practices Committees.

Abstract submittal for papers, posters and presentations closes March 29, 2023. MORE

Questions about a Topic or Conference?
Please discuss questions about the applicability of topics for the conference with Education Committee Chair, Gary Hawkins, by email at
Please send questions about the conference in general to NOWRA's Executive Director, Tom Groves, by email at

Thanks for submitting your abstract with us!

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